Week 10, Term 2
There is only spelling and reading homework 
this week in the children's notebooks.
Maths will begin again in Term 3.

Download Homework Activities From Below

How You Can Help...
*By ensuring homework gets done each night.*

Homework Expectations
Year 4  -      15 to 20 mins    -   Spelling, Reading, Basic Facts Problems 
                                         and Thematic activity on occasion
                                 Year 5    -    Up to 30 mins   -    Maths and Basic Facts Problems,
                     Reading log, Spelling,
                            Thematic related activities.

Numeracy Stages and Expectation of Learning at Each Stage
(Click on each page to see the next stage...)
By the end of Year 4 children are expected to be at the end of Stage 5.
By the end of Year 5 children are expected to be working in Stage 6.

Numeracy Stages

Diary of Learning
**Please take note of a new section at the 
back of children's spelling notebooks:
'My diary of learning'

Children are going to document the learning
that they recognise has taken place for them, each day.

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