End of Term 2 Electronics Day

Room 2's winning table team for points has chosen to have an Electronics Day for our end of Term 2 activity.

I will personally stay in the classroom to keep an eye on these items in the case of it being an outdoor lunchtime.  In this case the children will be provided an opportunity during the day to use them in the classroom.

Inter-school Sports Dates

Term Dates

Term 1     -     Mon 30th January - Thurs 5th April

(Waitangi Day - 6th Feb / Good Friday 6th April


        Term 2     -     Mon 23rd April - Fri 28 June


(Anzac Day - 25th April / Queen's Birthday - 4th June


        Term 3     -     Mon 16th July - Fri 7th October

        Term 4     -     Mon 15th October - TBD 

(Labour Day - 22nd October)

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