Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We have been learning how to introduce a setting and character to our audience through showing not telling.

The Frog and the Waterfall.

Lots of leaves and plants rustling in the wind, brushing against whoever walks past, like it’s trying to stop them. Tramping on muddy ground near jagged rough cliffs, the sound of splashing grows stronger until there’s a thin white stream of water tumbling down off the cliff edge into a big brown pond. What a sight.

The wind blows making the leaves and plants gently sway side to side. By a muddy trail there’s a flow of water lazily running down the edge of jagged cliffs, pouring down into a murky brown pond.

Sitting on a branch near this beautiful sight is a lonely red-eyed tree frog. Jumping from branch to branch with its sticky red, webbed feet and powerful bluish back legs, his slippery leafy green skin turns into a blur as he quickly hops to his favourite spot to admire the astonishing view.

The tiny tree frog watches the sun set with its reflection in the pond. ‘Bizz buzzes’, the frog’s eyes are fixed onto a passing fly. Suddenly a pink, sticky beam shoots out and traps the struggling bug. SNAP!

By Deone

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