Sunday, February 14, 2010

Learning Styles

Learning Styles

(For the moment we are going to focus on the four most recognized learning styles.)

Last week we discovered that we learn different ways.
Some of us may prefer to learn visually (by looking),
some of us may be auditory learners (learn by hearing),
some may learn by reading or writing
and some kinesthetically (by using our hands).

We took a couple of tests to determine which type of learner we are.

It is very helpful for us to know what learning style suits us best.
If we are aware of this we can ensure that we learn in a way that we
are more likely to retain the information we have been provided.

For example, it is very beneficial for a visual learner to write their spelling
words out to learn them, rather than saying them aloud.

Try these learning style tests below and discover your preference of learning style.

Keep watching this blog page to find out about Multiple Intelligences...

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