Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Fantastic Holidays...

On Tuesday, at nine in the morning, my Dad was taking me and Katie to a surprise place. On our way there I saw a lot of signs saying

'Rainbows End →' and

'Rainbows End ↑'.

I told Dad I know where we are going, we are going to RAINBOWS END! He said "No," but we ended up going to Rainbows End. When we got in we went on the Pirate Ship and near the end I convinced my sister to go on the Fear Fall. It was awesome! We came flying down then came to a sudden stop and then slowly got to the bottom.


In the holidays Granny, Grandad, Blair, Mum, Dad and I went to Queenstown. We had to drive from Hawera to Wellington. I think that it takes four hours to get there. I stayed the night there. We were in a very flash hotel. It was huge!

The next day we had to fly to Queenstown. When we got to the place that we were staying at, at around about 3.30, I got out of the car that we had rented. It was like a white van with sliding doors and sliding seats as well. The motel was nice. It was a three story! You went up the stairs and on that story there was mine and Blair's and Granny and Grandad's room. You had to go up another set of stairs to get to Mum and Dad's room, the kitchen and the lounge.

On the second day Blair, Mum, Grandad and I went to the luge. Blair and I also went on this flying fox course with Dad. It was so fun! We had to get strapped in and then we went from one end to the other, and then you went on a different one.

On the way back we had to fly to Christchurch then to Wellington and drive all the way back home.


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