Friday, March 12, 2010

Describing A Character

Describing A Character

In writing we have moved on to developing our skills for describing a character.

We began by discussing the elements of a character that we may consider in a character description; physical attributes, attitudes, expression, actions, idiosyncrasies...

For our first activity Miss White asked us to get our pencils out and be prepared to draw.
She had a picture of a character that she could see, but we couldn't. She described the character for us, very briefly and rather badly (on purpose), and asked us to draw the picture she was trying to 'paint with her words'.

It was very difficult.

The point of this activity was for us to realise that we need to describe the picture we want our readers to visualise very thoroughly and consider our choice of words carefully. We gave her some tips on how she could have described the character better.

Next, Miss White handed out a variety of portrait images to us.

We were to each take an image, study it and describe that character (and 'paint a picture' in written form) for a buddy to draw.
When we were finished our descriptions we got together with our buddy. One of us read out our descriptions while the other drew the image the reader was attempting to paint with their words. Then we swapped roles.

After this, Miss White asked us to share some of the descriptive writing that we had produced. For a bit of fun, the class had to identify which of the portraits each student had been describing.

Some examples of our character descriptions will be coming soon...

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