Friday, May 28, 2010

Student Leaders Conference

Hi its LACHLAN here. Last Sunday 23rd of May all the student leaders went to Wellington. It was for the Halogen Young Leaders Conference. We drove down on Sunday and stayed the night at Johnsonville. The next day we took the train to Wellington and went to the conference.At the start of it we got a booklet to write in and a badge. In the booklet we wrote all the inspiring and interesting things we heard from the speakers. The badge is to show that we went.  It was hosted by Charlie Panapa and the speakers were Nick Tuitasi, Rob Harley, Pero Cameron, Dayna Vawdrey and Mellisa Clark-Reynolds. One thing I can't get out of my head was said by Nick Tuitasi, he said "be careful of your words because your words become actions, be careful of your actions because your actions become habits, be careful of your habits because your habits become character, be careful of character because character becomes life."
 They all spoke but inbetween we had a morning tea and lunch break. During the conference we had a few games.  Kids in the crowd put their hands up and a lady called Alice chose them. Chloe went up for one. There were these two guys called The Funny Samoans, they were hilarious. On the way home we were supposed to stop at the chocolate factory but it was closed.

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