Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inter School Sports vs Normanby

Hi, its Lachlan here. Last Wednesday all the kids in the interschool sports teams went up to Normanby for sport. Interschool sports is when all the primary schools in Hawera go to differrent schools to play sport, such as Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, and Netball every second Wednesday [Normanby school is close enouph to Hawera to be in it]. Any way it was Turuturu school's turn to go to Normanby.We have two netball teams, Netball A for Year 6's and Netball B for Year 5's. These were the results, Soccer... Turuturu 9 and Normanby 0, Rugby... Turuturu 52 and Normanby 80, Hockey... Turuturu 10 and Normanby 6, Netball A... Turuturu 4 and Normanby 1 and finally Netball B... Turuturu 9 and Normanby 0. The people in Turuturu who got the fair play awards were Zane for rugby, Me [Lachlan] for Soccer, Muhammed for Hockey, Tyla for NetballA and Madison for NetballB.

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