Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pioneer Villiage

Hi its Kalina here. On Thursday 10th June rooms 1,2 and 3 went to Pioneer Villiage!
 We went there because we are learning about Early Settlers. There was a lady who is a teacher there who dressed up like Miss Whip-Fire.  She showed us her classroom. Miss Whip-Fires classroom is from the 1900's. We dressed-up like olden day villagers then we went outside and played with old wooden stilts, little marbels, metal hoola-hoops and a thick string skipping rope. We had morrning tea in the church. The church was dark.  It had spider webs on the organ. After morning tea we got into groups then we went off to do some activities. My group went to the school first. We had to wait for ages because anouther group bet us there first. So we all took turns at the fountain. As I waited for my turn I went to the jail. I went into the cell. It was dark. A few minutes later it was time to go into the school. Miss Whip-Fire looked serious when she told us the rules. She said "I will have no talking in the class or else..the cane."   So we all came in. We all read, did our A,B,Cs and wrote with a feather and ink plus a piece of paper. After school had finished we went to  Jail, the Doctors and all sort of other places. Then we went to the church for lunch. After lunch we had to go back into our groups and answer questens for a quiz. The quiz was all over Pioneer Village. After the quiz we went outside to put up the flag. Then we had to sing the National Anthem!!! Then we had to go back to school. It was a fun day!!!

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