Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mentos and Coke Reaction

Today's chemical experiment explored the reaction between Mentos and Coke.

We found a clear area where it would not matter if we made a bit of a mess.
Then we added a tube of Peppermint Mentos to a 1.5 Litre bottle coke.
(We had to do this very quickly as the reaction is instantaneous!)
The coke very quickly spurted out of the bottle like a fountain.

Photographer: Kalina

(As you can see Miss White dropped a couple of Mentos as 
she was not quite fast enough getting them in the bottle.)

Apparently the greater the amount of Coke the better, 
and the Mint Mentos create the biggest reaction.

The reaction actually occurs due to the rough coating of the Mint Mentos lollies.  
The dips in the coating enable bubbles to form (watch the video 
below to see a demonstration of this) and quickly multiply in number.
The Fruit Mentos have a thin, smooth wax coating around them which prevents 
 bubbles from forming on the lolly's surface as they did with the Mint Mentos.

Mythbusters explains this reaction in the YouTube video found below (or at this link.)

On Monday 23rd August in Mexico City a
World Record was broken for the most Mentos and Coke fountains in one go.

Watch the video below to view this world record taking place.


Room 10 - Turuturu School said...

That looks really cool Room 2!! Does this only work with Mentos? Or would it work with other mints as well??

richnz said...

Great fun Room 2. I really like the way you are keeping your blog up to date with fresh new content! Great!

Isla said...

Hi my name is Isla. That was pretty cool. You learn from it and have fun with it. I will give you 100%100. From Isla Melville int school Hamilton.

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