Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Types of Changes/Reactions

We have been learning which


is occurring in our investigations.

We learnt that...

A physical change is reversible (for example, the freezing of water) and no new substance is formed.

   **Reversible means that the reaction/change can be reversed

and that...

A chemical change is irreversible (for example, the burning of wood is a chemical change - you can't 'unburn' it) and it results in the formation of one or more new substances; ash, carbon dioxide, etc.

  **Irreversible means that it is impossible to reverse the reaction/change.

and also that...

A 'fair test' is one in which you only change one thing (variable).
Variables are all the things that could change during an investigation.

Go to this link to play a game about Fair Testing.

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