Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Fair Test Experiment


The latest experiment Room 2 performed included the ingredients
*Warm water
*A bottle and
*A balloon

We predicted what we thought would happen when we added sugar, 
warm water and yeast into a bottle and attached a balloon to the bottle.
We then performed the experiment to find that the mixture 
released a gas that blew up the balloon.

Children in the class questioned whether we had the optimum 
amounts of ingredients to have the balloon expand to its potential.
So, we planned to fair test to find the optimum of each ingredient used.
We planned for a control.
Each group's control had:
*1 tsp of sugar
*3 tsp of yeast
*1 cup of water, 
* 20 degrees, and
*A 25cm Helium Quality balloon.

Other than the control, each group also had four other experiments 
set up where their group's chosen variable was the only thing that changed.

The variables being tested were:
*Water temperature
*Amount of water
*Amount of sugar
*Amount of yeast
*Shape/size of bottle
*Type of balloon

Groups performed their tests and found that these 
were the optimum quantities of each variable tested...

We then combined these optimum variables to produce an experiment 
that we thought would inflate the biggest possible balloon, which you can see below.

It is certainly much bigger than the size we first 
produced when initially performing this experiment.

Well done Room 2.


Anonymous said...

That was a big balloon! Thats the biggest we could make i don't think i will be able to make won like that do you miss white?

Miss White said...

That last balloon certainly was much bigger than our first attempt, Tessa! I think our fair testing definitely helped up to improve the experiment. You never know... Maybe you COULD improve on the experiment and make it even better. What would you change to attempt to improve it further?

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