Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Persuasive Language - Advertising




The Senior School's major focus in writing this term is:
 Persuasive Writing.

We have learnt about the structure of a piece of persuasive writing.

For the last week of the term we have planned for a bit of fun with this topic.
We watched the advertisement for the Aqua Laser Mop below.

After watching the video we discussed techniques and strategies 
that the advertisers used to try and persuade/encourage 
their viewers to buy their product.

We discussed:
*The use of comparisons.
 *The use of targeting emotions.
*The use of listing all of the benefits of the product.
*The benefits of including information that will support your cause, 
but choosing to omit information that may not help to support it...

Advertising Our Products
The children have been asked to sketch and create (if possible) 
a household product that has been altered to be much improved.

Next the children will write and create video advertisements 
(using what they know of persuasive language) to convince 
their audience why they should 'purchase their product'.

Keep watching this space for some of our advertisements.

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