Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The biggest slug ever!!!

This slug is called a tiger slug. They eat plants and smaller slugs. Tiger slugs are the biggest type of slug in New Zealand. I found this tiger slug on my front door on Sunday 13th March 2011. Tiger slugs are a creamy coler with black spots. Tiger slugs move really slowly! When tiger slugs are in danger thay start to make bitter tasting bubbles come up through their skin. Tiger slugs feel all slimy. Tiger slugs are cool!!!

By Merlin      


Anonymous said...

Nice work Merlin there are lots of facts on there. Liam spotted a spelling mistake it was colour

Jacqui & Liam

Zaid said...

that is one big tiger slug

Anonymous said...

Mum and I are pleased that we didn't find this slug on our door step!!!!


Liam Smith said...

Wow that is a big slug!!

Liam Smith

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