Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Describing a setting - Waterfall

Describing a

We have been learning about descriptive language.  
To help us to consider how to best describe a setting, 
we first used a setting that we are familiar with - a waterfall.

We used our senses to begin gathering the descriptive language we might use.
Hear, Smell, See, Feel, Taste...

We then created a descriptive paragraph using these ideas.
Ada decided that she was going to write about what her senses would notice in the order above as that is the order that her senses would recognise those things if she were walking towards a waterfall in a forest herself.

Here are some of our examples...

You can hear water gurgling.  As you get closer the smell of mud goes up your nostrils and when you get there the water is flat and sparkling and smooth like glass.
If you stood under the water you would feel the water and sometimes you could feel little rocks tumbling down onto your shoulders.
The water tastes fresh.

- Conner

Do you think when you are beside a waterfall that it is silent?  Well, it’s not.  
You hear water crashing against rocks.  You hear water falling and big splashing noises.  The splashing noises are from water crashing against more water.  You also hear birds singing a lot, its sounds nice. We see water falling and lots of birds flying above.  You taste muddy water, dirt and fresh water.  Smell, what do you smell?  You smell fresh water and nature.

- Kadie

When you go to a waterfall you hear crashing water.  You see lovely sparkles in the water.  When it is a sunny day you can feel water trickling through your fingers.  You can smell disgusting mud.  You can taste delicious water.
- Bradley

You can hear leaves swishing in the wind, splashing noises from when the water heavily hits the pond and birds cheeping.  You can see water falling off the cliff, a little pool of water and lots of vegetation.  You can smell the dirt, fresh water and leaves - all the vegetation.  Sometimes it can taste of dirt.  You can smell saltyish smells and you can smell a lot of nectar.  You can feel prickly bushes and icy-cold water.  You can taste dirt, salt, sticks and fresh water.
- Kat

A waterfall is a humongous part of a forest.  You can even hear it going crash, crash, crash against the rocks.  You could feel your veins getting stronger and stronger with the crashing.  You might even see the clear water.  When you see through the clear water you can see rocks through the water.  
- Reihana

(More will follow shortly...)


Anonymous said...

I like your descriptions on your waterfall!


Anonymous said...

Hi Room 2
I like your blog page,
Nice writing pieces about the waterfall

-Tessa from room 1

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