Monday, June 6, 2011

Room 2's Self Portraits

We have been learning how to draw portraits.
We used ourselves as models and created self portraits.

We had to first think about the shape of 
our faces as our faces are all different.
Then we looked at the space and arrangement of our features.

We noticed things like...

* that our nose is aligned with our ears,
* that our nose is most often in the centre of our face, 
* that our eyes are all very different and unlike the circles that we used to use.
* that there are shadows on our faces created by our facial features....

We then learnt how to control our pencils so that we were 
able to shade to show the shadows that we had noticed.

One of the biggest tips we learnt was that art is as
much about looking as it is about drawing/creating.

Click on the digital book below 
to see our completed artworks.
Room 2's Self Portraits

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