Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 Way Interviews - July 2011

Thank you very much to those parents who came to
share in their children's learning progression at a
3 Way Interview over the past three nights. 

Thank you for your part in ensuring that we are
all on the same wavelength towards helping 
your child to achieve their absolute best. 

I am very proud of my students (YOUR children : ),
the understanding they have of their learning and the
eagerness and maturity with which they shared their
knowledge with their parents.  They should be
very proud of the interviews that they led.

Each child did a wonderful job.

Well done Room 2!

1 comment:

richnz said...

Great to hear positive feedback Charlotte . Great to see the way you've given the children the opportunity to carry on with a few worthwhile learning activities linked from your blog . Great blog for finding more out about school and learning!!

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