Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miss White's Super Exciting News

Monday's News Study is scheduled as an occasion for me, 
the teacher, to share some news with the students in Room 2.
On the other days of the week students bring news to share with the class.

Today my news will not take us to look online at recent current events.  
THIS event will not be able to be found online but is VERY special to me.
I found out over the weekend and have not been able to stop smiling since : )
It is SUPER, DUPER exciting!!!!!  

Here's a hint...

Can you guess what it is?


Its a...

And no, its not mine!!!! : )
It belongs to my brother Jono and his wife Jess.

So that would mean that in January I get to be an...


Anonymous said...

I think that will be very very exciting when you are an aunty.
From Caitlin at Hamilton East school

Charlotte White said...

So do I Caitlin. I am very excited! : )

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