Monday, September 26, 2011

News Study Week 9, Term 3

Monday, Term 3, Week 9

Today the piece of news that we discussed was from the website

First we discussed the title of the article and what clues we got about the content.
To help us we decided to look up the definition of hinder.
We found out that hinder means to delay or make something difficult.
That helped our understanding.

Then we read the article and discussed the topic.
We then shared our opinions.  
We had to respect and listen to different opinions, 
because they weren't all the same : )

Some of our opinion are found in the 
speech bubbles on our Glogster below.

(Click HERE to view
our complete news study enlarged.)


Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton said...

Room Two - that's a great way to display your learning, it seems like ages that I was on your class page and its really had a whole lot of work on it I should have checked out.

I was saying to Room One from your school that maybe you could ask other teachers and classrooms about different ways and strategies that they deal with noise, you could maybe do a voicethread or ask some classes to create a short video or something, and then find a way to share it. I know the students of Room 8 would be keen to help with this.

Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

Aaria C said...

Hi Miss White ,
Room 1 have done this i reckon its really fun because there is a Noisy Machine that we are wanting to look at . Jacqui thought if we could spend all our moola and mr baylis pays for it .
So Mr Baylis asked how could we donate some money to buy this ? .
People thought Discos , Sausages or Car Washs but i think that wont work cause what if they wanted to spend it at the GALA ! to splash Teachers like you , Mr Baylis , Mrs Furness , Mrs Simpson , Mrs Lawn , Miss Bruce , Miss Fhlonine , Mrs Mullan , Mrs Bolt , Mrs Sybrandy , Mrs Spencer and Mr Bradley !

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