Thursday, October 27, 2011

Room 2's 'The Iron Giant' Study

Based on the novel The Iron Man written by Ted Hughes.

Room 2 has been studying the movie The Iron Giant and the novel it 
is based on, The Iron Man, by Ted Hughes.

We first read this five chapter novel at the end of last term.

This term our school is practising for and taking part in a school production.  
Miss White has decided that this is a wonderful opportunity for 
us to do a novel/movie study and learn further about the
process of writing a story and turning it into a movie.

We are currently rereading the novel as we watch the movie,
observing the similarities and differences between the two, and using
these examples of two different types of media to drive our learning below.

*Comparing a movie and the novel its based on.
*Identifying changes in plot/character/settings between the novel and the movie.
*Thinking about why changes in plot/characters/settings may have been made.
*Considering how illustrators choose the characteristics of movie characters.
*Considering what information has been provided about characters, plot, setting etc  
from the novel to help producers to determine elements of the film.
*Learning about the different types of camera shots used to capture events.
*Considering the dialogue, extra media and requirements for extra effects.
*Learning about how to develop a storyboard for a storyline.
*Presenting their storyboard using ComicLife.
*Following a storyboard to film a storyline.
*Editing and producing a short movie using Windows Movie Maker.
*Peer assess and review novels and movies using their learned knowledge.

Check out our The Iron Man LiveBinder here.

We have also created our very own Iron Man who watches us
with his glaring eyes from the corner of our class.
Isn't he awesome!

(Thank you Mr Baylis for helping put him together and to help hang him up.)

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Reihana said...

Wow!that must of been alot of work Mr Baylis and Miss white.

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