Friday, June 8, 2012

Roller Coaster Ride - Discriptive Writing

Describing a Scary
Roller Coaster Ride

We are currently learning to describe settings and characters.

We have been doing this by considering what we notice with our 5 senses, and to think carefully 
about the choices of language (language features) that we use to 'paint a picture' with our words.

To begin our latest piece of writing we watched these two videos....

We stopped after the first 20 seconds of the first video to discuss how we would be feeling at this point and what our senses would be noticing.  We discussed our level of tension at this point and the language we could use to help us to share this with our audience.

We then watched the next video...

Miss White asked us to watch the boys facial expressions and body language very carefully.
Which things in particular 'show' you how he is feeling?
Your audience for your story can't see a video of your writing.
Which words are you going to use to help them see this picture in their heads with such detail?

Wasn't that video gorgeous!  Miss White loves watching it.  The boys feelings are very obvious to see and we can very clearly identify when his feelings change by his facial expressions (pure fear in his eyes/laughing) and his body language (gripping the bar for dear life/not capable of answering his companion).  It is a very expressive video.

Room 2 was then asked to write a piece of writing describing a roller coaster ride, through making connections to your own experiences, making connections to these feelings and/ or using the boys own experience.

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