Sunday, November 15, 2009

Emotive Writing

We have been using videos from YouTube as motivation for our writing activities.
The focus of this activity was for the children to 'paint a picture with words' (so that their readers have an understanding of how their character feels and what is occurring in this scene) through the use of descriptive and emotive language.

To begin with we watched this video (but ONLY for the first 52 seconds - the aim was to NOT view the end of this video and therefore not restrict student's creativity.)

I’m standing here at the airport watching all the people walking past. My parents fade away into the distance. I’ m feeling sad and scared - not knowing what to do. I can see their flight on the board up above me. It is the next one. I try to run after my mum and dad but get more lost and am still in the same spot. I am screaming but people are not stopping for me. Out the window I see people getting on the same plane that my mum and dad are on. I think I just saw them! I run to ask for help but not one person is listening to me. I don’t know if they are gone for good?! I have no idea. I am hungry but have no money to buy anything. I can smell food from a cafĂ©. Things like hot chips and hotdogs. I can see the sparkling water in the sun and muffins that have been freshly cooked…
- Zoe

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