Sunday, November 15, 2009

Does He Nail It?

1. As we did in our last writing activity, before watching this video we
considered the setting and characters involved in it.
We then watched the video for 13 seconds before Miss White paused it.

2. We considered the actions and emotions of the character during this part of the video.
We noted that the character has attempted the skateboarding maneuver once already and has returned to attempt it again.

3. We were asked to develop our character and write
what we thought the character would do next.

“Come on,” I say. “I can do it.”
My friends are yelling at me saying, “You can do it. You can do it.”
It’s only a straight, I tell myself. So, I put my foot on the ground
and head off. Suddenly I get the butterflies, so I stop. I go back to where I started and try again.
I put my foot on the ground and set off again. I’m nearly there, I say to myself. I made it. I go down the hill. I’m going really fast.
I hit the wall and fall on the ground on the other side of it. Ouch!
- Olivia

“Go, go, go! You can do it, Josh! Go!”
There I am, standing in the crowd cheering on my brother. But today not many people are here. Only me, my family and a few people we don’t know. There is grunting and huffing coming from the skaters, but Josh must have butterflies in his stomach because his legs are shaking. I wonder what he is thinking about. Does he want to become a pro-skater or does he think it is all fun and games? I take a breath. I think, what if he fa- “Ouch!”
“Josh? Josh!? Are you OK?” I run to him.
It turns out that he smacked right into a concrete wall. I ask, “Are you all right, Josh?” My mum looks really worried. She wants to ring the ambulance but Josh said “It’s OK, Mum. It’s OK.”
When we got home he put an icepack on his head and some bandages on his legs. The next day he was find but he didn’t go to school – hmmph, lucky him!
- Nishat

I can do it! What if I fall off my board and hit the concrete? I could hurt and embarrass myself. Focus! Ok, the wheels of the board are rolling fast now. Oh, no! The pole. I’m going to hit it! Just as I almost put my foot down I heard Tom and my friends cheer. I stop and do it again. I go back down the ramp..yes I’m there, turn, turn, turn. NO! Too late. I hit the top of my board with my left foot, flip off my board and literally flip over the concrete. My board came halfway over the wall then fell.

- Piper

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