Sunday, November 15, 2009

So many possible (con)versions
- Motivation for a quick writing activity -

We watched this YouTube Video of Daniel Carter kicking a conversion.

First we watched the first 5 seconds and then Miss White paused the video.
We used this scene to initiate our writing, helping us to introduce our setting and character to our audience.

Then we watched the next 15 seconds and Miss White paused the video again.
We considered the atmosphere in the video, the emotions of our character (Daniel Carter), his team mates and the crowd, and what senses our character would be using at this moment.

However, before Miss White played the final part of this video we were asked to predict what would come next and use this to complete the rest of our writing.

Here are some samples of what we produced...

I'm facing the goalposts, kneeling. The wind rushes past me. I'm ready to kick so I stand up and step back. The crowd's noise is drowned out by my heartbeat. Suddenly a cold wind rushes over me. What if I miss? What if I kick it too far to the left?
I jog up, swing my left foot back and kick the ball. The ball whizzes through the air. It goes straight through the middle! A sudden warmth sweeps over me. "Yes!" I scream and the rest of the team whoops and yells behind me".

- Hone

There is electricity all around me. All eyes turn to one person. Me. My heart is pounding. I hope I get this goal. My skin is wriggling. It smells a bit like beer. I know I can do it. Yes, I can. Is it going? Is it going? It’s gone over! Wow! I’ve done it again. The team is screaming.
- John

As I'm running I can hear everyone screaming in the Vector Arena Stadium. I quickly kick the ball. My heart is pumping as I watch it fly towards the goal posts. The crowd is screaming at me. "Go!" they yell. Can I get this goal for my team?
"I can do it," I whisper to myself. It goes over the goal posts. "Yay!" I yell and jump with pride. "We won!"

- Nikita S

I’m kicking the ball to win for the Crusaders. The crowd is going wild. Bang! I kick it. The crowd aren’t very happy with that kick. But wait, its turning back to the goalpost and…it’s in! The crowd are cheering as loud as they can. We win!
- Rowan

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