Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exploring the brain

Bringing your brain to school
- what a great idea!!!

Today we had a sheep's brain (not a cow brain as expected - but just as interesting) at school for us to look at.
We all got the opportunity to hold it and study it. We looked at it whole and identified the parts of the brain that we have learned about in class. We then sliced open one of the hemispheres, the Cerebellum and the Brain Stem to see what they looked like inside.
The hemisphere and the Cerebellum looked quite different inside. One had large areas of white, while the other almost looked like it had white veins running through it like the veins of a leaf.
We think that we might have even found the pituitary gland nestled between the two hemispheres.
We have developed great admiration for neurosurgeons who work on small sections of brains without causing damage to other areas. They cant just slice through to find what they want like we did! They must have very steady hands!

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