Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Imp - Character Writing

Our character:

Shadow Word generated at
Our latest character to describe was this character below which we decided was an imp. On the Smartboard we brainstormed words that we could use to help generate our character descriptions.

*The words in blue are words to describe his physical appearance.
*The words in red are words about his physical appearance (added later).
*The words in green are ideas we added on the second day and are ones
we decided were more related to his habits, like/dislikes
and idiosyncrasies than physical appearance.

We then used these ideas to create a piece of writing that describes our character to a reader, with the aim to 'paint a picture' in their heads.

These are some examples of what we produced...

He looks vicious. His face looks like a pigs, with razor sharp teeth and ears that look like demon horns. His tail is fat but small like a rat's. He is wearing body armor. He has hooves like a donkey's and his wings are skinny like a glider, but really sharp. His claws are like an old lady's long finger nails.
He is the size of a midget but has muscles the same as Arnold Schwarzenegger's. He looks like a dude trying to play 'save the princess'. I don't think he will ever get a beauty, but he might get a beast.
You would never want to be an Imp because they are uuugly!
'What's up with that hair style, dude?'
You won't want to fight this beast.
- Tanae

He is a monster that lives in the wild and is ready to go to war. He has sharp teeth, is very deadly and quite mischievous. He has robotic wings so that he can fly. He is a mini dwarf with a scaly tail that twists a lot and a big Mohawk on the top of his head. He speaks like a goblin. He has vicious fangs and sharp claws that can rip through hard-as metal and leave dents in it.
He has a distorted face, but nice light-blue eyes. He has big muscles, like Arnold Schwarzenegger's but ears like an elf's...
- Aaron T

This imp has hoof-like feet.
He is midget size. His legs are bent a little bit and his arms are also slightly bent. He has on a tracksuit with a circle on it. His face looks like a gargoyles. He looks vicious, with sharp teeth, a nose like a pig, wings that have things like beads on top, a slimy tail that slivers and elf ears. His nails are long and pointy. He has got a ferocious frown.
- Tessa

He looked like a nightmare, all those muscles and scales. Yuk!
He had mud from head to toe. His eyes were definitely uneven and someone had made him mad.
He was a midget. I don't like midgets because they get angry all the time! Also, he can fly. He looked like a mulched up beast. He had a gold medallion he had earned for being so ugly. He had big strong arms and humongous hoofed feet like a horse. He looked mischievous, but ready to attack.
He had colossal dinosaur teeth and a huge frown.
His wings were sharp and pointy. They looked like bananas. He looked like a well trained warrior. If he was with a human they would be called 'beauty and the beast'.
He had a big smelly snout and big humongous fists.
He may have been little but he was an awesome fighter. He was a goblin that didn't have a good side.
- Hamish

The imp has wings like a gargoyles and sharp teeth. He looks vicious but might be quite hilarious.. He has sharp, pointy ears and thick, slimy skin. He has a scaly tail and hoof-like feet. He is goblin-like. He has a Mohawk at the front of his head. He picks his bogies. Eww! And he smells like rotten bogies. Eww!
He will never get a beauty because he is a beast.
- Madison

The imp is the size of a dwarf. He has a sort of Mohawk and looks like a furious pig. His feet look like horses hooves. He is wearing some sort of armor. He has teeny eyes and they look very anxious. He has giant ears and they are very sharp and pointy and look like horns. He looks very vicious and muscular, but also kind of mischievous. His wings look like gliders. He likes to eat mustard and hot ketchup. He has a horrible habit of yanking out eyelashes. He always kicks a piece of wood when he is angry or grumpy or when he doesn't get what he wants.
If there is anything that would make him afraid it would be a huge giant with big sharp teeth, humongous hands and three eyes curling around his green head to spy on all his surroundings.
- Kayley

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