Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Conflict - Character vs Self - Where The Wild Things Are


The essence of fiction. 
It creates plot. 

The conflicts we encounter can usually be identified as one of four kinds: 
Character vs Character, Character vs Nature, Character vs Society, or Character vs Self.

Character vs Self
In writing time today we read the story Where The Wild Things Are
It is an example of Character vs Self conflict.

Here is the story as a YouTube video.

We identified the problem/conflict  
(between character and self) in this story.

This is a particularly appealing story because Max is in conflict with both his mother and his own anger. Despite the fact that he is still angry when he is sent to his room, Max does not continue his mischief. Instead, he gives free rein to his angry emotions through his fantasy, and then, comes to a decision that he will no longer let his anger separate him from those whom he loves and who love him.

'Max was the character who had the character versus self conflict.  The conflict happened because Max was getting a little angry because of his mother telling him what to do all of the time.  So, he made himself an imaginary forest and went where the wild things are.  He calmed down after that.'  - Hamish

Then we demonstrated our knowledge of these by showing them on a story map.

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Bob said...

Hello, this is Daniel from Room 1, I enjoyed looking at your photos and work that you have been doing!

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