Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Plot Conflict - Character vs Character - The Ugly Duckling


The essence of fiction. 
It creates plot. 

The conflicts we encounter in stories can usually be identified as one of four kinds: 
Character vs Character, Character vs Nature, Character vs Society, or Character vs Self.

Conflict Presentation

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Character vs Character

In writing time today we read the story The Ugly Duckling
It is an example of Character vs Character conflict.

Here is the story as a YouTube video.

We identified the problem/conflict  
(between character and character) and the resolution in this story.

'The conflict happened between the Ugly Duckling 
and the ducks/birds/wooden duck.'  -  Tanae
'He just wanted to fit in, but nobody would accept him.
Then he found a real family.'

Then we demonstrated our knowledge by showing it on a story map.

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