Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dissolving Salt, Sugar and Sand in Water.

   Dissolving Substances In

Our latest experiment looked at the reaction that occurred when salt, 
sugar and sand were added to water.

There were two parts to this experiment.  


We focused on exploring which of the solids dissolved best in water at room temperature.

The three substances we are going to test are sugar, salt and sand.
We experimented with one substance at a time, timing how long it took for the each flat teaspoon of the substance to dissolve.  We  found that salt dissolves best (fastest) in water at room temperature, and that sand did not dissolve at all.


We then explored what happened when we tried dissolving the same substances in hot water.

Salt and sugar dissolved much faster when in hot water, though salt dissolves a little faster than sugar.  Sand still does not dissolve at all.

We determined that salt was the substance that dissolves the fastest, 
sand does not dissolve at all, and heat affects the speed that a substance dissolves at.

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