Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kieran's First Post as Class President

Hey, its Kieran here.
Its a bit late we are into week three now, but for Term 3 I am Class President and Laura is Vice President. This term's topic is Chemical and Physical reactions.
First we did an experiment making a baking soda volcano with a bottle in the middle and sand all on the outside. Then we put all of the ingredients in and then watched it burst.
Then for the 2nd one we did the Coke and Mentos experiment. That one was pretty cool. We all went outside to the grass and then Miss White (our teacher) put the mint mentos in the bottle of coke and it made a burst.
Then the 3rd experiment we did was the Coke and coin experiment. That one was interesting. The coin went in, then the next day one side of the coin had been totally cleaned. Miss white said that that prabably happened because one side was at the bottom of the cup and the other side was facing the top of the cup where all of the Coke could get to it easier.
So the 4th experiment we did was the red cabbage juice one. We all saw if different ingredients were an acid or a base by the colour that the red cabbage juice turned it. If it was an acid it turned pink and the colour of bases was blue.


Room 7 said...

Wow your experiments sound really cool. Keep up the awesome work. We think your blog is cool and often have a look to see what cool stuff you are doing!

Tyler rm 14 said...

Well done on getting vice President i hope you have good time in your place in the school
melville intermediate
Hamilton new Zealand

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