Sunday, August 8, 2010

Paul Klee - Artist

This Term we have been studying different artists.
We have recently focused on Paul Klee.
Paul Klee was often found to have used shapes and lines within his work.
He liked bright bold colours.  He is known for creating the well-known artform Scriffitto.

Here are some examples of his work of art.

View some of the artworks students from Room 2 created using Paul Klee's style.


Annalizze said...

Hi Ithink your blog is Fantastic. Annalize, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, New Zealand

Room 8 Super Stars said...

Hi Room 2,

Your art work looks great! We can see where you used ideas from Paul Klee's work. If you look on our blog, you can see examples of our scraffito from last year too. It's hard work, isn't it?

From Room 8 at Grey Lynn School.

Kelly said...

Hey, I think your is really cool and I like the colours you used.

Room 8-Melville Intermediate
Hamilton-New Zealand

Nathalie said...

Hey my name Nathalie you have a colourful blog it so cool and i love the background.

Melville Intermediate room 8,new zealand,hamilton,waikato

Rachael said...

Hi my name is Rachael I love your blog it is so colourful you did a great job.

Room 8,
Melville Intermediate School,
New Zealand Hamilton.

Tereina said...

you have a really cool blog.

Melville Intermedate Room 8,New Zealand,Hamilton,Waikato

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