Sunday, August 8, 2010

Richie McCaw visits Raurimu School

Read here about the pupils of Raurimu Avenue School and what happened 
as they unveiled their life size paper mache of Richie McCaw.

What a fantastic surprise!


Cullen said...

My name is Cullen and I am from NZ, Hamilton. I go to Melville Intermediate and I think you have done amazing work and the paper mache of Richie McCaw was genius!


bjork said...

my name is Bjork and im from Melville Intermediate i think that this is a great paper mache. And i think that bring the real Richie McCaw in was a great idea

Melville Intermediate
New Zealand hamillton

Chase said...

Hi there im Chase and i think that Richie Mccaw is the best rugby player in History in All Blacks Team. He is an Insparation to me and will still be. You can visit Room 8's Class Blog at
Ok..... So Bye

Melville Intermediate
Hamilton New Zealand

Fauiki said...

Hi my name is Fauiki.Im from Melville Intermediate I liked how you made Richie Markore
it looked awesome well anyway hope to hear back from you bye.

Tyler rm 14 said...

Awesome vidio Richie Mcaw is a mean Flanker and a mean Captain for the allblacks you guys were so lucky to have him.

melville intermeidiate
Hamilton New Zealand

Miss White said...

Thank you to all of those students who have posted comments on our posts recently. We have been eagerly reading them all.
We loved the paper mache created of Richie McCaw also. We, unfortunately, were not the school that created this. Though, we did enjoy watching the video and wanted to post it on our blog for others to enjoy. We are glad you did too.

Anonymous said...

Wow that paper mache model of Richie McCaw is pretty cool.
It looks just like him.
The kids looked pretty suprised to see the real Richie though!

From Kieran
Melville Intermediate
Hamilton New Zealand

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