Monday, October 18, 2010


Our focus in reading at the moment is: 

***Inference is a good guess (based on logic, statistics etc.)

Groups have been closely reading texts with the intention of 
'being like a detective' and identifying clues.

They have looked at inferencing paragraphs of texts, comic strips, and images.
Here are some of them, and written below is what we inferred from each one.

That he often stretches the truth or is not 
completely truthful in telling his stories.

That summer is coming.  That the heat will attract flies.

That sometimes its not always a bad thing to not be first.  
You can learn and improve on others' ideas.

The family locked the house and 
piled into the car, making sure that 
they had put the umbrella 
and towels into the boot.

That the family was travelling to the beach.

There were leaves and branches 
lying all over the backyard.
That there had been a storm/hurricane.

Visit our Inference Weblist for various 
games t
hat focus on Inference.

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