Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We are learning about writing reports.

We looked at the structure of a report (see Writing Fun Website).

                                                                     A report has:
                                                         * A heading
                                                         * An introduction
                                                         * Body of text, which includes
                                                             -Detail/Supportive information
                                                         * A conclusion

We then viewed the various examples of reports given.

The children were asked to find some order to the 6 samples, identifying elements of a report in the samples and deciding what made one sample better written than another.

In the next couple of days Miss White asked us to identify some headings that may be included in a report on a species.

We came up with:
*Group/Name (Classification)

Miss White informed us that we were going to write our first report on a species very well known to us all
-  The human species.
In fact, our first reports were going to be written about ourselves.
And it should be a great report because we already knew all of the information we would need for our report.

Here are some of our reports.

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