Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Describing a setting - 2111

Our latest piece of writing is describing what we think we would 
notice around us if we were to awaken and walk outside in the year 2111.

We have a class axolotl which can be incubated in the fridge.  
Its body temperature lowers so that it hardly needs to eat at all, but its still alive.
We imagined that we got encased in ice and were able to live in an incubated
state in the same way.  If we were to thaw out in 100 years time
what do you think we would notice?

Room 2 have begun to plan what they think they would experience if they
woke up in the year 2111.  Looking back over the progress of technology
in the past 100 years, it is fascinating to try to imagine how things
may develop over the next 100 years.

Watch this space...
Imaginative descriptive writing to come!

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