Saturday, May 21, 2011

'My Happiest Moment' - Joshua's Personal Experience Writing

  One week ago Mum, Nanna, Poppa and me went to Hamilton for four days.  On the second to last day I went go-carting at a place called Blast-cars.  
  The go-carts are the fastest karts and they have the longest track.  I was nervous, the most nervous out of Mum and Poppa.
  I went first to get the hang of it, then suddenly Mum and Poppa saw the green light.  I said to myself "I need to speed up."  Then I saw them race off, getting closer and closer.  Theeennn...I set my kart racing off faster than them.  
  When I got to the 2nd corner I was going slowly around saying "Don't lose 1st place," panicking.  There were three tyres in the middle of the track.  I went around it so Poppa couldn't pass me.  I was going as fast as a roller-coaster.  I felt like a dare devil.  
  I was very surprised the whole time.  I felt like I was in first and felt awesome!!!
Oh, I forgot.  I hit Poppa's side bumper and made Poppa hit one of the tyres and spin out.  I was laughing.  Then at the end I was saying, "Yes!"
  I came 2nd.
- Joshua

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