Saturday, May 21, 2011

A time I was worried... - Kadie's Personal Experience Writing

I was sitting in bed the night before the end of year performance.  I was shaking badly.  I couldn't stop thinking about whether I was going to win a Star Certificate.  
  I hopped out of bed and ran to the lounge and said, "Dad I can't get to sleep."  Dad said, "Don't be excited about something because then you won't be to get to sleep."  So I went back to bed and tried again.  I finally got to sleep. 
  The next day at the end of year performance they called out the Star Certificates (thank goodness they did the junior one's first!)  When they called out from our class they called the boy first, then they called out the girl.
"Kadie Smith."  Mrs Sybrandy called out.
  I walked up the front, in front of hundreds of people, to receive my Star Certificate.  I was shivereing with fear.  I shook Mrs Sybrandy's hand.  I stayed up on the stage until everyone else had got their ones, then I went to sit down.
  I was really happy!
 - Kadie

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