Tuesday, May 17, 2011

News Study - Term 2, Week 3

Monday, Term 2, Week 3

Today the piece of news that we discussed was

'Storm to Sweep Country'

Making Connections to the Title
We made connections using our prior knowledge about 
what a storm is and which country the news was likely to be about.
When attempting to make connections to the title given to us we also had to 
find out a little bit of information about the word 'sweep' to help us out.

Who, What, When, Where, Why  
We highlighted these elements of the article
(to be seen to the right hand side).  

Discussion Comments
A lot of discussion came from reading this article closely.
We have also included comments from class 
members about this article.

Linking to Other Curriculum Areas
We made a link to our latest topic 'Hazards' by recognising that 
Metservice is a service that has been developed to inform 
people about what is happening with weather patterns internationally.

'MetService, together with our international commercial subsidiary, Metra, is a global leader in providing relevant, timely and accurate weather information services, benefitting billions of people throughout the world.' - metservice.com

View the Metservice website here to view how the 
service supplies informations in regards to weather nationally,
 in towns and cities, rural and marine, in order to 
minimise people getting into hazardous situations.

(Click on the picture below to 
view our news study enlarged.)

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