Friday, May 20, 2011

'A time I was proud' - Joel's personal experience writing.

Personal Writing

I was on my first race at the 2011 BMX Nationals. 
The snap of the gate came at last, BANG!  We were off and I was in 3rd position, pedaling as fast as I could.  
  We were going up to the first jump WHAEE!  BANG!  I hit the second part of the jump, slowing me down but still in third place.  My parents were shouting “ GO JOEL!” 
  I came up to the third strait.  Going up, going down, going down, down, down.  Coming into the last corner…  BANG!  SMASH!  BOOM!   ‘I got past them two’, I thought to myself.  
  I was on the last strait pumping my arms and legs.  Now I was on the last jump AHHH!  My pedal suddenly hit the jump. I recovered just in time.  VICTORY IS MINE, I thought.  
I was heading back to the gazebo and my dad was screaming “YOU BEAT NZ’s NUMBER 2!”   
 - Joel

1 comment:

Mr Baylis said...

What a wonderful piece of writing Joel!!
When i read it i got so excited!! it was almost like i was actually there!!

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