Saturday, May 21, 2011

A time I was excited - Reihana's Personal Experience Writing

The first time I scored a try in rugby I was running as fast as I could, then Boom Bang BANG, I went bowling through the players.  I was getting closer and closer.  My heart was pumping as I got closer.  I had not given up.   
  When I ran through the gap my dad was screaming, "Go Reihana, Go!"  Then someone got closer to me so I wrapped my arms as tight as I could, making my arms and legs pump.  Their person from the Normanby side tried skidding on the grass and using his shoulder on my heel.  I felt it, but I still didn't give up.  Then I was sprinting as fast as I could, sliding on the grass and...score!  I got it. 
  Everyone on my team came running like bulls.  They were yelling with expression.  We were all jumping about with our arms out.  I was shocked by what happened.  My dad was too.  My body was shivering with excitement.  My teeth were banging together and my knees were almost doing the same.
  In the end the Normanby team won by one try.
- Reihana

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