Sunday, August 21, 2011

Presidents and
Prime Ministers
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The other day discussion about countries and their 
Presidents/Prime Ministers prompted the question...

'What is the difference between a 
President and a Prime Minister?'

So, we decided to find out.

We Googled our question and
came up with the understanding that...

* The people of a country vote for an individual 
who is running to become the President.

* The people of a country vote for a chosen party to 
lead the Government, of which the party has 
nominated an individual as their spokesperson 
(and who becomes the Prime Minister).

So my next question was..
Are we correct in calling our class leaders
our President and Vice President?

The class then decided that we were as we vote
for the individual to take on each position, 
rather than voting for a group (or Party).

Jay noted that, were we to consider our school as a Government
and each class as a 'Party' and we voted for a chosen class to
lead our school, and then that class' teacher was to
become the spokesperson for that class,  then
we would be following the process of voting
for a Prime Minister as New Zealand does.

What a fantastic discussion!
Well done Room 2!

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