Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quiz Question #1 - Africa

Our latest country-study is about Africa.

Africa is the continent with the most countries.  
It has 54 countries in total.

Visit this site to learn more about Africa.


When we were learning about Africa Miss White asked us...

What can be found between the 
Sahara Desert and Lake Victoria?

Can you find out what it is?
Think hard and look at this map carefully.

Comment on this post if you 
think you know what it is : )


william,joel,adam,brad,reihana and dylan said...

the equater

Charlotte White said...

Well done! You are correct : ) Great work boys! I thought that that would be very difficult but it didn't take you long to solve at all.

James and Blair said...

We like the way you set up your home
page with the flags of the countries

caitlyn said...

wow! great work room 2 i really like the way u are looking at lots of different countries like room 1 is.I really like the way you put the flags for your background :)

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