Monday, November 21, 2011

Pinhole Cameras

We have been learning about cameras, movies and the stage.

Recently we have made basic pinhole cameras with large Pringles containers.

Look at the pictures below.

View this site:
to make your own.

A pinhole camera allows light to travel through a small hole and transfer an 
image (upside down) inside the container for us to see, like a camera does.

A camera is slightly different as it has a shutter and 
film/photo paper inside to 'catch' the image.


Aliya I said...

It must take alot of time to make a AWSOME blog Miss White

lochlyn said...

I love the pinhole camera but why is everything upside down.*

*and why do you have to write the random words at the bottem.

lochlyn said...

well I love the animator vs animation video and the move it clay video.*

*have you been thinking about puting on more animation vide's

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