Saturday, December 3, 2011

School Production Costumes

School Production Costumes

We have our school production dress rehearsal coming up.
Room 2 are required to dress as cowgirls and cowboys for the production.
Hopefully children have begun to gather costumes together.  Could these costumes be brought into Room 2 in a named plastic bag from Monday 5th December please.

Costume options and accessories could be:
* Checkered shirt or western style shirt.
* Cowboy boots or black boots.
* A cowgirl style skirt. (Girls)
* Cowboy style pants, chaps, jeans.  (Boys)
* A cowboy style gun.
* A holster.
* A cowboy hat.
* OR anything else that you think may be appropriate for our part in the production.

I look forward to seeing your costumes : )

Miss White

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